About us

SilkyAmber is a small home based cattery located in Frisco, Texas a town near Dallas. We have plans of opening up a location in Riga, Latvia, which is my hometown where I was born and raised.

Everything starts from my very first Toyger, Tigrusha – a pet name for Tiger’s in Russian – and he is still the alpha cat in our household. I fell in love with these beautiful felines and since Toygers are still a developing breed I decided to be a part of this program. That is how Silky Amber Toygers Cattery was established. We are registered in TICA and we are members of the Toygers USA Team.

All of our Toygers are raised at home as family members and not just by us, but also by our sweet and loving German Shepherd, Talir. He is always watching after them, checking out their food and helping me “wash the dishes”. We carefully select food that we feed our cats, and our cats are always around people, children and dogs. So naturally they are accustomed to such things.

If you have questions please contact by phone or email. Contact information can be found in the Contact Us section, or on the Facebook page.