What you need to know when purchasing a Toyger kitten:

The Toyger breed is still in development, every kitten is unique so we cannot quote one single price for a kitten; because of the variations between Toyger kittens. Some are closer to breed standard: more striped, better contrast, more orange in color. When Toyger kittens are about eight weeks old, they are evaluated as “Pet”, “Breed” or “Show” quality. In general, “Pet” quality kittens start at $1000 and go up to $1500 depending on how well they meet Toyger standard. “Pet”/”Show” quality Toyger kittens start at $2200 and go up when available. “Breed”/“Show” quality kittens start at $3500 and go up when available for professional breeders or qualified people ONLY. The price of the kitten will include: vaccination, de-worming, spay and/or neuter, and a vet certificate (if traveling Cargo).

In order for you to take home your very own sweet Toyger kitten, we require you sign a contract. Please feel free to look at it and contact us with any questions you have prior to placing a deposit. We require a $300 holding fee for a “Pet” quality kitten and a $500 for a “Breed” or “Show” quality kitten. Kittens will be spayed/neutered before leaving to go to their “FURever” home at about twelve weeks of age.

Shipping via Air Cargo is available from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and runs approximately at about $300-350.
We accept the following type of payments: Cashier’s Check, Money Order. The deposit amount can be paid with a PayPal, and if the buyer is picking up the cat/kitten in person, he/she may pay the balance due with cash.

Available Kittens


Available Adults


We love all of the cats that are part of our breeding program and would love to keep them around but unfortunately there is limited space, that is why once in awhile we have adult cats put up for adoption. Often these are females that retire at five years of age or younger, and males that are five years of age or older. They are excellent pet companions and often are available for a very reasonable adoption fee.

If you are looking for a kitten/cat, but did not find suitable one or all were sold out. E-mail us at ssilkyamber@gmail.com – tell us what kitten/cat you are looking for and we will inform you as soon as we will be updating!